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Author Topic: TMO 2019  (Read 228 times)

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TMO 2019
« on: December 10, 2018, 12:07:10 PM »

Effective December 31, 2018, I will be stepping down as Prefect for Tripoli Mid-Ohio. Elections were held at our December 8 launch and Todd Knight was elected prefect. The remaining board/staff will remain unchanged. In order to ensure a smooth transition, I will stay on staff as the President of TMO.

I was the second prefect for TMO after Ross Dunton sold Magnum Rockets; besides Ross and me, the only other prefects have been Mark Mazzon and Kreig Williams. Both of these fine men are no longer active in the hobby.

Since I came into the hobby in the mid-1990s, Tripoli Mid-Ohio has seen a lot of changes, not all of them for the good:

• Ross Dunton moved his shop from outside of Mechanicsburg to downtown Mechanicsburg
• Ross Dunton sold Magnum Rockets.
• We have lost fields.
• We have found fields.
• We have lost fields; again.
• We have lost members due to death, lack of interest, club politics, and differences between members.
• We have gone through more launch systems than I care to think about. The Wilson F/X wireless has found a home with us.
• We have partnered with Tripoli Gerlach to provide the Wilson F/X wireless system for all the BALLS launches.
• We support local schools, colleges and universities.
• We have members that are deeply involve with The Ohio State University’s “Buckeye Space Launch Initiative” and it shows with their successes at Spaceport.
• We are still launching rockets.

We are still here. While I wish I could take credit for the fact that we just won’t go away, the reality is that the members have always stepped up to help out in many ways. Just a few examples are:

When the launch system we had prior to the Wilson F/X was on its last legs, a handful of members donated the funds to purchase the Wilson system. When we decided to go wireless, a handful of members literally dug into their pockets and threw cash at the problem.

We have members that update the launch gear and keep it operating smoothly, in many making improvements for reliability and safety out of their own pockets.

We are slowly but surely updating our infrastructure with new pads and other essentials.

Our two land owners, Chuck Wildman and Marty Spears believe in what we do and support us enthusiastically. We in turn do everything we can to ensure that the relationship remains positive.

Tripoli Mid-Ohio will never be a huge club with dozens of members and I am okay with that. We are and remain a tight-knit little band of crazy amateur rocket scientists. W are in this to be safe, have fun, and promote the hobby.

Todd Knight will be a damn fine prefect. He loves the hobby and the folks that participate in it. As an engineer, business owner, and mentor for the fine students at Ohio State, he brings that certain level of dedication to the role. Please join me in welcoming Todd as prefect.

Gary Dickinson
Prefect - Tripoli Mid Ohio #31
Prefect - Tripoli Gerlach #138
Director - Tripoli Rocketry Association
TRA #5520; L3; TAP Member