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 on: May 21, 2019, 09:53:08 PM 
Started by Gary - Last post by bguff
"Quint had the last launch of the day with his rocket on an Estes D12-5 for a nice flight and recovery."

 on: May 17, 2019, 10:23:50 AM 
Started by Todd Knight - Last post by Todd Knight

Hello all TMO rocketeers. The waiver for tomorrow, 5/18 is called in. The weather looks favorable but not sure of conditions at the field with the rain last night and today.
Unfortunately I will not be at the launch tomorrow. Gary Dickinson and Joe Grubb will be handling things in my absence. Please help them out as much as you can. I really appreciate these two fine gentlemen helping me out.
I wanted to take a few extra seconds to thank everyone for making this spring launch season great. As most of us old timers know, it was a real blessing the way the Ohio weather treated us these few months. Also I would like to send a shout out to everyone for making my first stint as Prefect go as smoothly as it did. Now that I have a "sort of" handle on things I might even be able to fly a rocket in the fall.😄
Thanks everyone for a great start to 2019. Have fun tomorrow and be safe.

Your humble Prefect,

 on: May 13, 2019, 08:56:07 AM 
Started by Gary - Last post by Gary

Mother Nature took pity on the TMO faithful and gave us very good launch conditions. The recent rains did not affect the fields and an early morning cloud cover rapidly dissipated as the sun rose high in the sky.

Jim Rosmarin came out seeking to redeem himself after a not-so-successful showing at our last launch. He started off the launch day with a PML quarter scale Patriot on an AT H165R. He followed this up with his scratch-built Tie-Dyed Confetti on an AT I161W, and capped off a successful “threefer” with a LOC Precision Big Nuke 3E on an AT K550W. All of his flights and recoveries were nominal.

Andrew Kleinhenz launched his MAC Performance 4” Scorpion on a 54mm Research Kosdon Fast clone. The reload blew through the smoke grain and the forward closure, causing some tense moments for Andrew and those on the flight line. The rocket appears to be fine and some post-flight kibitzing identified the issue and a solid solution. Not to be deterred, Andrew came back to fly his Blue Banana on an AT I200 for a nominal flight and recovery.

Gerry Powell brought his well-flown AT Warthog out and launched it first on an AT F25W for a nominal flight & recovery. His next flight with the same rocket on an AT G38 was not so successful, as the rocket failed to deploy a chute. Post mortem inspection revealed the black powder ejection charge failed to ignite. I am sure that Gerry will be back with a new rocket.

David Sears made the trek down from Kent with a pair of 54mm K970 Wimpy Red Research motors. First up was his Rocketry Warehouse Ex- Cellerator. The motor did not want to light and warranted an igniter exchange. The new igniter functioned just fine and as the motor came up to pressure, it blew the forward closure off. David retrieved the rocket, inspected & cleaned the motor and tried again: screaming up part and nominal recovery.  He came hack and launched his 4” Wildman Darkstar on the remaining K970 for another screaming flight and nominal recovery.

Tripoli Mid-Ohio was graced with some new faces on Saturday. We welcomed Allen Hall and his son Quint from Spring Hill Tennessee. Allen launched his 4” scratch-built TDR on a 54mm CTI J430 for a nominal flight and recovery. The rocket employed a redundant main deployment using a JLCR that performed flawlessly. Quint had the last launch of the day with his rocket on an Estes D12-5 for a nice flight and recovery.

We also welcomed the man, the myth, the legend: none other than Steve Eves of Saturn 5 fame. Steve came to launch rockets! Steve launched 8 Ball on a 38mm Research I275 Purple motor; scratch-built Cosmic Intruder on a 54mm J350 Red motor; No Name on a 38mm H125 with motor deploy; last but not least, his LOC Precision Syonic on a 54mm K720. All flights were without issue, although the Cosmic Intruder cracked a fin fillet upon landing .

Bob McAninch got his first flight as a newly-minted TRA L3 flyer in style, launching Incognito on a Gary Dickinson M1874 Mad River Blue to an altitude of 11,059 feet AGL and a top speed right at Mach 2. This was Bob’s highest flight to date and a spectacular way to utilize his Level 3 credentials.

Bob Goffena launched his used and abused Art Applewhite 18” flying saucer on an AT J135W. Bob never fails to entertain us with his saucer flights, and this one was no different. Thanks Bob!

Hank Gleissner has been attending a lot of our launches as a spectator and finally showed up to launch something. He put his Giant Leap Firestorm 54 up on a CTI I540 for a great flight and nominal recovery. Hank has some mobility issues, so recovery was going to be challenge for him. Not to worry, as members of The Ohio State University’s BSLI Team and prefect Todd Knight retrieve the rocket for him. What a way to help out a fellow flyer!

TMO also had its share of certification flights; some successful, and some not so successful.

Rush Deeter launched his Old Bleu, a scratch-built project utilizing Blue Tube for the airframe, on an AT H550. Sadly, Old Bleu broke a fin upon landing.

Jay Fields launched The Polar Bear, an unpainted all-white rocket, on an AT H100. This one too failed the certification due to a separation at apogee.

We also welcomed TMO first-timer Casey Anderson for his TRA Level 1 certification flight. Casey brought his beautiful matte black Mach 1 Alien Interceptor and nailed L1 on an AT H97. Welcome to HPR Casey! Get out your wallet. 😊 On a side note, check out Mach 1 kits. While we here at TMO do not necessarily endorse any manufacturers, I am impressed with this newcomer to the fiberglass kit arena. I may need one of these in the future for a certain BALLS competition……

WVSOAR president and TMO regular Tim Mauk came out for his TRA L3 flight. Tim had a 4” Wildman Extreme loaded with an AT M1297W. Tim was very cautious on his L3 project, as he did a few test flights to be sure everything was going to work as planned. Apparently, his process worked just fine, as he nailed L3 with a gorgeous flight to a bit over 11,000 AGL. He even managed to keep in on the main field, only 4600 feet away from the range head. Congratulations Tim! Not to rest on his laurels, Tim came back with his Mad Cow Nike-Apache two-stage. The project was loaded with an AT J500G in the booster and an AT H97 in the sustainer. The up part was perfect, but the sustainer did not light. Both halves were recovered a short distance away. Tim called the flight a successful failure.

In closing, I want to touch on a couple of points:

First, we had a couple of small fires started after one of the flights spit either propellant or casting tubes. We had a garden sprayer at that particular pad bank that made quick work of both the burns. My point is that there are all sorts of threads out their about sparky motors starting fires, and how they should be banned at certain times of the year. Any rocket motor can start a fire. Garden sprayers are rather inexpensive and can make a difference between saving a field and losing it. BE PREPARED!!

Speaking of being prepared, I have seen a lot of big projects at our field, including staged projects. When I did the RSO inspection on Tim Mauk’s Nike Apache, he reviewed a very detailed checklist with me. This included everything from preparation through shut-down safeing, should the rocket need to be removed from the pad. Kudos Tim for a job well done on this. I have asked Tim to share this with me and I hope he will do so with other flyers.

Our next launch is schedule for May 18, 2019 if the weather and the farmers co-operated. We will be short-handed for this launch, so please try to arrive around 8:30 to lend a hand with set-up. Watch the website and Face Book for updates.


 on: May 10, 2019, 11:30:47 AM 
Started by Todd Knight - Last post by Todd Knight
Waiver is called in. Forecast calls for partly sunny, 66° with winds 5-10 mph. See everyone at the field.


 on: May 02, 2019, 08:21:28 PM 
Started by Todd Knight - Last post by Todd Knight

Sorry folks, the weather is not going to cooperate with us this weekend.
 :) Good news is we are adding Saturday May 11 to the schedule. We are going to try and get as much flying in before we are banished until fall. :)

Hope to see everyone in 9 days

 on: April 28, 2019, 02:59:20 PM 
Started by Gary - Last post by Gary

As the second half of our 2018/2019 season winds down, we have been blessed with some beautiful weather and some sizable crowds, thanks to the colleges and universities that have chosen to launch with us. The April 27, 2019 launch was no exception.

Before I go into the details from the launch, there are some people that I need to thank:

Randy Boardway, E-Rockets owner and Dave Combs, Wright Stuff Rocketeers President: With your launch day scrubbed due to access conditions, thank you for sending your faithful fliers to us. We always welcome our fellow NAR fliers and hope that the two clubs can consults for future launches so that we are not stepping on each other’s launch dates.

The “Blazing Ballistic Berry Brothers”: Thanks for the support of Merlin Missiles and your assistance in set-up and tear down. Thank you, Jay Berry, for your help as pad manager and with the NAR L1 certs.

Saturday April 27 was a certification day! TMO saw ELEVEN certification flights, including two SUCCESSFUL TRA L3 flights. Wow…….

Tripoli Rocketry Association Level 1 Flights - All Successful!

•   Abraham Rez: Loc Phantom, AT H-100
•   Carly Free: Apogee Zephyr, AT H-100
•   Spencer Christian:  Apogee Zephyr, AT H-100
•   Jack Plank: Apogee Zephyr, AT H-100
•   Christopher Golden:  Apogee Zephyr, AT H-100

Tripoli Rocketry Association Level 2 Flights

•   Nathan Radomski:  LOC Rocket, AT J-270.  Successful!
•   Lauren Klenk: LOC rocket, AT J-270.  Unsuccessful - nose cone separated. Recovered everything so she can try again.

Congratulation to the above fliers, all of whom above are students at The Ohio State University and part of BSLI. Thanks to Todd Knight for working with these fine young people to get them interested in HPR.

National Association of Rocketry Level 1 Flights – All Successful!

•   Joseph Weindeling – “Valerie Lynn, AT H242T
•   Chase Carter – PML Endeavor – H220T

Congratulations to Joseph & Carter; and thanks to Lee & Jay Berry for their assistance with the NAR certification process.

Tripoli Rocketry Association Level 3 Flights

TMO IT guru Bob McAninch was back with his rebuild Incognito for another attempt at TRA L3 Bob nailed it this time with a picture-perfect flight and recovery on an AT M1297W. Style points were deducted due to the muddy condition of the rocket.

Mark Przybylski of South Bend Indiana was back to attempt L3 again after a less than successful attempt last year. Mark too nailed L3 this time around on a CTI M1101 to 14,826 feet AGL and Mach 1.12.

Congratulations guys!

The rest of the day was pretty much normal and boring. Yeah, right…..

Robert Briody started off the HPR day launching his Wildman Intimidator on a AT K540 for a nominal flight and recovery. For those of you have been in HPR for a while the name should sound very familiar. Rob is one of the former owners of G-WIZ flight Computers and purveyor of Igniterman motor starters. TMO is very excited to have this legend launch with us.

Joe Grubb launched his Cherokee Upscale on a AT K1100T that came off the pad like scalded bear! Flight was awesome and recovery was nominal.  Joe followed this flight up with the launch of his LOC-Precision Ultimate on a cluster of SEVEN G motors. He lit three G40s, two G80s, and two G79s on the pad thanks to super igniters from Bill Good.

As day wore one and the clouds came in, Joe entertained the crowds TWICE, first with his AT Phoenix rocket glider on an A G12 and second with his scratch-build Super Phoenix on a AT I59. Both flights had the crowd on their feet, applauding the aerobatics and pinpoint landings. FWIW, Joe is also an accomplished R/C pilot. Go figure…..

Andrew Kleinhenz was back and up to his old tricks, turning in two excellent flights. First up was his Earth, Wind & Fire launching on an AT J450DM, followed by Tangerine Dream on an AT I211W. Both flights and recoveries were nominal, just as expected.

Jim Rosmarin did not have as successful a day as Andrew & Joe did. Jim launched his Sentinel on an AT I600R. Sadly the rocket came in hot, deploying the main at about 10 feet AGL, and scattering bits of green airframe about the field. Jim came back loaded for bear with his King Colossal on a AT M2500T. Sadly the bear got Jim today as the rocket experienced one of the most spectacular shreds at max Q ever witnessed at the Standing Oaks launch complex. Everything between the fin can and the nosecone was obliterated! Sorry Jim.

The excellent morning brought out two university teams for test flights in preparation for the upcoming Spaceport Cup in New Mexico. The Ohio State University’s BSLI team was at the field for a test launch of Stinger on a 75mm Gary Dickinson M2112 Mad River White. Unfortunately, a thrust ring removed during preparation was not re-installed. Upon ignition, the motor tore through the lower section of the rocket, launching the payload section into a low-lever skywriting event. The lower section with fins remained on the pad.

Drew Nickel and The University of Tennessee had better luck with Andromeda, launching on a CTI L935. Unfortunately, the JLCR lost its rubber bands from the avionics sled cutting through them shortly after apogee. This resulted in a rather long recovery trek, but everything was recovered successfully. See you in New Mexico!

With Wright Stuff Rocketeers launch scrubbed due to field conditions, TMO had an abundance of LPR flights.

Steve Kristal of Royal Oak Michigan flew his beautiful Boyce Aerospace Mercury Redstone on an AT G80-7 for a gorgeous flight; recovery was less than nominal as the chute apparently got stuck and did not deploy. Steve says it is repairable and will fly again.

Neighbor Phil Queen brought out his scratch-build Super Gyroc for a nominal flight on an Estes D12 and dizzying recovery.

Gerry Powell brought his AT Warthog back with that cantankerous AT F50. Apparently, he gave it a good talking-to, as it lit perfectly for a nominal flight and recovery.

Cornelius Gould of “The Rocketry Show” came out to launch with us! He launched his Endeavour (scratch built, not PML) on an AT F40, nominal flight & recovery. Come back and do this again; sign autographs while you are here too!

Kelly Bartilson of Akron launched her LOC-Precision Onyx twice. First up on an Estes F50 for a great flight, but the chute tangled. The second flight was on an AT F67W, for a great flight and nominal recovery. Well except that the rocket managed to find one of the drainage ditches for a true rocket “splashdown”! Hopefully she will get it dried out and fly it again.

One thing I have noticed about the rocketry hobby, is that parents have a tendency to ‘drag’ their children along. Eventually sooner than later, the kids need to get involved and fly something. This certainly is true for newly minted NAR L1 flier Chase Carter of Centerville. Chase got son Andrew and daughter into the rocketry act with them launching a Flickr & a Saturn, both on C6-5s. Well played dad; well played.

All for now. Our next launch is on May 4, 2019 providing that the weather co-operates. Until then: Fly high, fly high safe; and remember there is no such thing as overbuilding, only underpowering.


 on: April 28, 2019, 12:31:02 PM 
Started by Gary - Last post by Gary

I am a bit behind on launch reports, so apologies to all of you that have wondered what the heck is going on. Please read on…..

April 13, 2019 dawned as a bright, blue day with very minimal winds. I am not sure what we have done to deserve this beautiful weather, but I will not complain!

TMO’s own Bob McAninch started off the festivities with a test flight of his L3 project, Incognito, on a Gary Dickinson Research L1047 Mad River White motor. The flight was picture perfect and Bob was anticipating the same for his L3 flight later in the day. Sadly, success would elude Bob today, as his L3 flight on the venerable AT M1297W ended with a severely zippered airframe and a touch down outside of our waiver cylinder. Bob has vowed to return in two weeks to try again.

Jim Rosmarin was down from Dublin to put a couple of rockets up into the blue Ohio skies. Jim launched his quarter-scale PML Patriot on an AT I200W for a nominal flight and recovery. He followed this up with his 4” diameter Sentinel on an AT I245G, repeating the previous flights performance.

WVSAOR members Tim Mauk and Martin Quanci showed up to support TMO and fly a couple of rockets. Tim did a shakedown flight of his L3 project, a Wildman Extreme, on an AT K353. The flight did not go as planned, but was recovered without damage. Tim has some adjustments to do before the final exam. Martin had two nominal flights & recoveries. His LOC-Precision Shadowhawk flew well on an AT H165R and recovered using a JLCR. His well-flown LOC-Precision EZI-65 launched on an AT J415W, missing the mile mark by a few feet. Next time Martin.

Andrew Kleinhenz never fails to put on a clinic on how to do HPR. Andrew launched his MAC performance 4-inch diameter Scorpion on a Research J445 Purple Motor for an excellent flight and nominal recovery. He came back to launch the Scorpion one more time on a Gary Dickinson J385 Mad River Red motor. The motor took a bit of time to come up to pressure, but the resulting flight was very nice, with a nominal recovery.

Gerry Powel from Hillsboro tried to launch his AT Warthog on an antique F25-6, but the motor flat refused to light. If I know Gerry, he will be back with us soon!

The Buckeye Space Launch Initiative made the long and arduous trip down from Columbus to have some AP fun. Casey Ruckman, part of the BSLI Team, launched his Wildman Extreme on an AT K850DM Metalstorm and managed to NOT set the field on fire. The remainder of the BSLI 10K team launched their project Final Score 62-39 (more on this a bit later….) on a 98mm Gary Dickinson M2192 Mad River Blue. Sadly, the rocket had issues coming off the rail and followed a ballistic trajectory into a neighboring field. Kudos to the team for asking permission from the landowner to recover the rocket. Apparently, they bribed him with offers of some “Buckeye Bling” for his help in recovering the project.

No TMO rocket launch or OSU football game would be complete without a rivalry between The OSU Buckeyes and ‘that school from up north’. The U of M came down to launch several projects, including their Blue Shift on a CTI L1410 Skidmark to 7467 feet AGL. This flight did manage to start a small fire, that was rapidly extinguished by students from both OSU and UM, showing that with bitter rivalries, there can be co-operation in times of crisis.

Dave Sears from Kent Ohio made the trek to burn some serious Research AP. Dave flew his Rocketry Warehouse X-cellerator on a 54mm Research K600 Everclear motor for a nice flight and recovery. He came back and launched his LOC Precision Big Nuke 3E on a 75mm Gary Dickinson M2112 Mad River White motor to almost 9000 feet AGL. Sadly, the rocket suffered some damage from a “splashdown” in one of the drainage ditches. Dave says it will be repaired and back under power soon.

All for now. Stay tuned for more as we near the end of our rocket season’s second half.


 on: April 11, 2019, 01:09:35 PM 
Started by Todd Knight - Last post by Todd Knight
Come one, come all. Saturday is looking like a great launch day. Mid 60s with some sun and light winds. Bring your rockets and fly em high.


 on: April 06, 2019, 04:13:55 PM 
Started by bguff - Last post by bguff
Somehow didn't see this til now:

 on: March 04, 2019, 07:44:23 AM 
Started by Gary - Last post by Gary
Chris' Rocket Supplies in Pine Mountain Georgia was hit by a tornado yesterday. Chris and the family are okay and the business sustained minor damage. Orders will be delayed. Chris is s great guys and fellow TRA board member. Please keep him in your prayers.

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