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Author Topic: 12-16-2017 Launch Report  (Read 432 times)

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12-16-2017 Launch Report
« on: December 17, 2017, 11:24:03 AM »


Tripoli Mid-Ohio #31 got a break in the weather and we were able to hold our inaugural launch of the 2017/2018 season. The temps were cold starting out and the winds were brisk, but that did not stop the faithful from coming out and burning some AP at the “Standing Oaks Farm” launch complex under cloudless blue skies. We had eight fliers with a total of fifteen flight between them.

Prolific flier of the day goes to Seth Coop from Athens. He had a total of four flights:

•   MAC performance Scorpion – Loki I405
•   Polecat Goblin – AT J275
•   Nike Smoke – AT J350
•   Madcow Stinger –  AT K695

Tim Mauk had two great flights:

•   Estes Leviathan – AT G53-7
•   LOC/Precision Stovi – AT G74-6

Andrew Kleinhenz from Bowling Green had two nominal flights:

•   Madcow Frenzy – AT I200-7
•   Super 200 scratch-built – H180

Jim Rosmarin from Dublin flew his quarter-scale PML Patriot on an AT I200.

Andrew Bissonnette from Cincinnati abused his Estes Partizon on an AT G75 Metalstorm. After repairing the rocket due to a fouled chute and a very hard landing, he came back and absolutely spanked the somewhat shorter Partizon on a CTI G106 Skidmark. He and brother Patrick had a very long walk to recover the bird. Andrew also had a scratch-built flying saucer that did not launch due to a burnt igniter.

We can always count on Doug Peterson to represent the TRA Research community when he shows up. Doug launched his scratch-built upscale Estes Corkscrew apply named “Clifton Junior” on an I130 Pitch Black motor for a wonderful spinning flight. He came back and flew his scratch-built Aerobee named “Kenny” on a J360 Wayside White for a great flight and a long recovery walk.

Congratulations go out to Adam Grubb from Columbus for re-entering the HPR community with a successful flight of his scratch-built “Déjà Vu” on an AT H180. Adam and his dad Joe (Assistant Prefect & fellow TAP Member) are very involved in the RC airplane hobby. We are looking forward to Adam advancing in HPR and possibly bringing a rocket glider to our field when we get a calm day.

Congratulations also go out to James Dai, John Titus, Nic Flesher, and the rest of The Ohio Sate University “Buckeye Space Launch Initiative” for a successful launch & recovery of their two-stage project. Their rocket named “2 Pac” boosted on an AT J350, staging to an AT H153. The recovery team had a very long walk to recover the sustainer! According to advisor Todd Knight, this is the ‘proof of principle’ project for an upcoming 100K flight.

Kelvin & Mel McMillan brought the Magnum Rockets “Big Purple” to the field in order to have a couple of folks to assess the extent of repairs required to make this classic flyable. This rocket was formally owned by Ross Dunton and is an impressive 11.5” in diameter, 15 feet long, and weights around 100 pounds fully loaded! Look for this beast to make an appearance at the 2018 Phil Prior Memorial Launch. Ross did the design; the late Kevin Goraj built & painted the project; and the late Dr. Phil Prior handled the electronics & recovery.

That’s all folks! Thanks to everyone who showed up to fly and help with range set up & tear down. SYATNL…….

Gary Dickinson
Prefect - Tripoli Mid Ohio #31
Prefect - Tripoli Gerlach #138
Director - Tripoli Rocketry Association
TRA #5520; L3; TAP Member