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 on: May 20, 2018, 07:03:29 PM 
Started by greylond - Last post by bob
Nice video Doug.

 on: May 20, 2018, 05:55:41 PM 
Started by greylond - Last post by Gary
93% N!!! Just a little more next time..... ;D

 on: May 20, 2018, 05:27:54 PM 
Started by greylond - Last post by greylond
I love the smell of AP and rubber in the morning. This one is a 98mm Mad River White, full N or baby O.  around 1,500 lb. thrust. Fantastic job, Gary! It even made me pee a little.


 on: May 19, 2018, 10:32:10 AM 
Started by Gary - Last post by bob
Congratulations Gary!!!   8)

 on: May 19, 2018, 09:35:30 AM 
Started by Gary - Last post by greylond
Congratulations, Gary! I am pleased to see you have been given the opportunity to serve. Thanks for taking on the responsibility. I'm very confident your efforts will ensure that the sport, particularly the experimental propellant aspect, will be safely advocated and that the organizations as well as the public interests will be well served.

 on: May 19, 2018, 07:46:02 AM 
Started by Gary - Last post by Gary

The following is from TRA president Steve Shannon:

Tripoli Election Results
Deb Koloms, 540 votes
Gary Dickinson, 418 votes
Chris Short, 386 votes
Neal Baker, 384 votes
Art Applewhite, 217 votes
Lou Poccia, 56 votes

Only three can be elected, so Deb Koloms remains on the board and we have two new directors, Gary Dickinson and Chris Short.
I would like to thank all of these candidates for running. I’d also like to thank all who took the time to read the resumes and vote.
Participation was slightly higher than last year at 18% of the members who were qualified to vote.
If anyone thinks their votes don’t matter, look at the very close results between Chris Short and Neal Baker. Two votes! That’s the closest difference between two candidates that anybody currently on the board could recall!
We also elected officers for the upcoming year. Gerald Meux became our Vice President. David Wilkins returns as Secretary. Dave Rose returns as Treasurer (we semi-kiddingly told him it’s for life!). Also, Steve Shannon (I) am returning as President.
I would especially like to thank Dick Embry and Tom Blazanin, our two outgoing directors who have been at the core of Tripoli in many ways. When you see them please thank them for a job well done.
I would also like to thank Tripoli Central California for an excellent adventure! Their spirit, organization, and efforts made this a great LDRS. I would return in a Montana minute. It’s an absolutely incredible launch site, laid out with survey grade precision.
Finally, the KLOUDBusters won the bid for yet another LDRS (38) at the Rocket Pasture next year, running from August 29th to September 2nd. Many of us know how very good they are at hosting LDRS (I think I counted that this is their 7th LDRS). Congratulations to the KLOUDBusters!

 on: May 14, 2018, 08:00:51 AM 
Started by Gary - Last post by Gary

Tripoli Mid Ohio’s final launch of the first half of our 2018/2019 season was a fairly quiet event. Mother Nature gave us plenty of blue skies and winds better suited to kite flying, but that did not stop the 10 fliers and a host of spectators from have a good time and some long walks.

Andrew Kleinhenz made the long trek down I-75 to launch his Mad Cow “Frenzy” on an AT I284W and his scratch-built “Red Rocket #2” on an AT I211W. Both were recovered successfully using the Jolly Logic Chute Release.

Andrew brought Bruce Levison with him. Bruce launched his PML “Ariel” on an AT I200W and recovered it with the Jolly Logic Chute release.

Jim Rosmarin launched his very green Binder Design “Sentinel” and a very green I245 for a nice flight & recovery.

Kelvin McMillin is getting back into rocketry and discovering all of the neat toys that we have to play with. He launched a very old LOC Precision rocket on an H123 with dual deploy via the Jolly Logic Chute release. I believe that a certain rocketeer from Bowling Green has been doing a sales job at our launches!

The sparse turn out allowed TMO staff to actually launch some rockets, something that does not always happen when you are running a launch and assisting other fliers.

Bob McAninch launched his much worn “Ursa Major” twice on Research motors. The first flight on a K924 Everclear motor send Bob across the creek to retrieve his rocket. Flight number two on a K394 Wayside White kept the rocket in our primary field.

TMO Tap Member Joe Grubb, with assistance from son Adam, launched his scratch-build “Cherokee” on an AT K535W to an altitude of 2944 feet AGL and a close recovery.

TMO Secretary/Treasurer Steve Temple launched his “Arrow” on an AT K540 and got very close to one mile high and a long way away. The rocket deployed the main at apogee and was recovered by Andrew Kleinhenz and the infamous rocket recovery quad.

Bill Good launched his Mad Cow “AGM 33 Pike” on an AT K456DM to 5000 feet AGL and managed to keep the rocket in the primary field about 150 yards off the flight line.

Bert Garrison launched his Public Enemy “Performer” on a Loki H144 Loki White for a nice flight. The wind turned the rocket into a plow, resulting in a large amount of damage to the gorgeous rocket. Bert has his repair work cut out. On a positive note, Bert passed his TRA Level 2 exam, scoring 100% on both the Safety and Technical portions of the test. He postponed his L2 flight until the fall. Congratulation!

Joyce Smith from Cincinnati, by way of The Ohio State University, came out to attempt her Level 2 certification. After passing the written exam with 100% on both portions of the test, she launched her “Flower Spiral” on an AT J350W, never to be seen again. Almost. Joyce and some folks from OSU spent several hours searching for the certification rocket but came up empty-handed. But wait, the story gets better; please read on.

Steve Temple and Gary Dickinson were ‘unwinding’ after the launch was shut down, and the subject of Ms. Smith’s flight came up. After revisiting the flight track the two of them set off in search of the wayward rocket. A scan of some white “stuff” off of SR41 turned up nothing. They stopped in to talk with one of the adjacent land owners, who gave them permission to venture onto an adjoining field. Three minutes after exiting the ‘Rocket Transport & Recovery Vehicle’, Dickinson yelled out “Found it!” Joyce, congratulations on a successful flight. Looking forward to your Level 3 project and your work as Propulsion Lead for the Buckeye Space Launch Initiative next year.

If you have been in this hobby long enough, you may remember a rocket avionics company by the name of G-Wiz; they stopped production in 2012. Rob Briody, one of the principles, showed up to see what we are all about. He and his family are living in Beavercreek. We hope to see Rob as a regular in the coming months as we can always use an extra hand in cleaning and maintaining our launch gear.

Well folks, that is all until November. I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting our prefecture, including Lee Berry and Merlin Missile Solutions. We could not do what we do without the support of our landowners, Chuck & Carol Wildman and Chad Wilt; along with all of the surrounding folks that allow us to retrieve our wayward projects.

I hope that you have had fun during this interesting portion of our season. Here’s hoping and praying for a mild winter and some good weather. Stay safe this summer and get out and fly some rockets; there are some great regional/national launches coming up including:

•   NSL and URRF in New York
•   Mini Midwest Power in Princeton Illinois

And if you don’t mind a serious drive or two:

•   LDRS in California
•   AIRFEST in Argonia Kansas
•   BALLS, Black Rock Nevada


 on: May 09, 2018, 07:31:04 PM 
Started by Gary - Last post by Gary
HEADS UP!!! Merlin Missiles will not be at our launch on Saturday. If you need anything, contact Lee and I will pick up Thursday evening for delivery at the field on Saturday.

 on: May 02, 2018, 09:51:07 AM 
Started by Gary - Last post by Gary
Found: 38mm minimum diameter rocket, or the remains thereof.  Let me know if you have lost one of these, describe it, and if you are correct I will get the remains back to you. BTW, it has a nice reload case that is now clean!

 on: April 30, 2018, 04:05:11 PM 
Started by Gary - Last post by Gary

Sorry for the delay in getting the launch report from 4/21 & 4/22 posted, but I have been dealing with some medical matters and have not been up to the task. So without further ado here ya go!!

It seems like we cannot catch a good weather break. The weather for the Phil Prior Memorial Launch was okay, but we are still longing for blue skies, no clouds, and no wind. Maybe May will provide those for us.

SATURDAY 4-21-2018

High clouds and a definite lack of sunshine did not stop the regulars and a couple of fliers from Indiana from coming out and burning some serious AP. We had 37 flights for the day.

Mike Rohde from Centerville started the festivities off with a bang, CATOing his cloned Estes “Maxi-Alpha” on an E9-4. It as overheard that the technology to rebuild this is available Tuesday nights at E-Rockets so we shall see. Mike did not let this put a damper on his efforts, returning to log an additional SEVEN flights on C and D class motors. It I good to see Mike at our field again as he usually flies with WSR.

Bill Good from Cincinnati brought out his ‘yet to be painted’ (naked) Mad Cow Nike Apache two stage. These kits were part of the hotly contested Mad Cow holiday sales. Bill sent the new project skyward boosted on an AT J460T and successfully staging to a CTI H133 for a long walk to recover the Apache sustainer.

Andrew Kleinhenz from Bowling Green came with his usual fleet. His “Red Rocket #2” had two great flights to 1200 feet and 2000 feet AGL. He also launched his scratch-built “Scooter” on a J425 to 2000 feet AGL. All were recovered using the Jolly Logic Chute release.

Doug Peterson always entertains us with his Research motor exploits. “Kenny” has returned from the spectacular shred and now lives as “Kenny 2”. Kenny headed skyward on a Research I-280 Wimpy Red motor for a great flight and recovery. Doug also launch his Wildman “Stealth” on a K472 Wimpy Red and a Wildman “Punisher “on a K443 Everclear motor.

Jay Berry, one half of the “Blazing Ballistic Berry Brothers” had four good flights including a pair of black powder propelled two-stage flights that were labeled as “cool”.

David Sears showed us hi Research motor making prowess with his Wildman “Dark Star on a K930 Wimpy Red to 5194 feet AGL and his “Excellerator” on another K940 red motor to 5218 feet AGL.

Seth Cooper from Athens is another one of those fliers that shows up to launch rockets. Seth had six great flights, using motors from Loki, CTI, and Aerotech. The most spectacular flight was his 5.5” Mad Cow Pike launching on an Aerotech M1315W. We have not seen a lot of big motors this year due mostly to the weather and cloud cover, so it was great to see this 32-pound beast blasted to the hazy blue skies.
Kelvin McMillin was back yet again, showing us his assortment of “old school” rockets from the days when there were electronic recovery & tracking devices were in their infancy. Merlin Missiles Lee berry set the delay on Kelvin’s “Weekend Warrior” for a nice flight and recovery. Kelvin also launched his “Stretch” rocket on a CTI I350. Perhaps the most interesting and appropriate launch for Kelvin was a vintage LOC “Magnum” owned by the late Phil Prior. The Magnum went skyward on an AT J270W and was recovered without incident. What a fitting tribute to a great man and fellow rocketeer!

Jim Rosmarin brought his Level 3 project out of semi-retirement and snr to screaming into the skies on an AT L1420R.

It is always great to have new fliers at the Wildman farms launch site! Pail Wolak from Indianapolis showed to launch some serious air-start projects. Paul launched his LOC “Magnum” on an AT K550W and successfully lit a pair of H160s three seconds into the flight. He also launched another project using an AT K700W but the three I211W motors did not light. E hope Paul visits us again soon.

Mark Przybylski from South Bend showed up looking for a couple of TAP members and his TRA Level 3 certification. His rocket “Slipstream” was loaded with electronics including a camera and a live telemetry downlink via Altus Metrum. Alas, the cert flight was unsuccessful as the chute broke the bridle right at the swivel and landed just inside our waiver radius. Better luck next time Mark.

TMO staff members found time to loft a couple projects into the air. IT guru Bob McAninch launch his venerable “Ursa Major” on a Research K924 Everclear motor to 7897 feet AGL. Prefect Gary Dickinson launched his AGM 33 “Pike” on an AT K550W to 7152 feet AGL and 800 mph. Both rockets recovered without issue.

I have saved the best for last because I can! One of the great things about this hobby, is seeing university students visit the Standing Oaks Farm launch complex to launch their projects in preparation for upcoming competitions. Today was one of those days when the aerospace engineering students from The Ohio State University shoed up with TWO projects and about FORTY supporters. We joked that they had their own cheering section. First up was Nic Flesher from Akron via Columbus with the “Pre-O-H” project. This rocket weighed 3838 pounds on the pad and was using an AT L1420R motor. This was to be a test for all of the on-board systems prior to heading to Spaceport New Mexico in June. The MARSA 54 reported 7733 feet AGL and 552 mph along with a successful recovery.

Todd Knight launched the second project “I-O” (do you see where this is going?) on a Gary Dickinson 98mm N3550 Mad River Blue to 10,295 feet AGL. This team is the 10K team, where the object is to get a close to 10,000 AGL as possible. I think they are close.

It was great to see landowner Chuck Wildman at the field. We could not do what we do without his support. He talked with several of the regulars, who expressed their gratitude to him for allowing us on his land.

SUNDAY 4-22-2018

Sundays here at TMO are always slow, giving staff and vendors a chance to launch a rocket or two.

Prefect Gary Dickinson launched his I-ROC clone on an AT J540R to 2350 feet AGL on an ATJ540R. The Jolly Logic Chute Release mysteriously turned itself off resulting in a rather hard landing. The rocket was undamaged and will fly again soon.

Bill Good Sr. launched his Mad Cow “Tomach” on a ‘mystery motor’ to a bit over 10,000 for a long walk to recover.

Doug Peterson brought Kenny back for more fun and games, for three good flights on Everclear propellant,

David Sears returned to launch both his “Dark Star” and “Excellerator” on Wimpy Red propellant for two excellent flights and recoveries.

The slow and lazy day allowed Lee Berry from Merlin Missile Solutions to take a break from providing all sorts of rocket goodies and launch a couple of rockets. Lee launched “USA Sky” on a C6-3 and followed that up with his scratch-built “Junk This” on an AT I284W. The “junk” will require some repair work as one of the oak fins took a beating upon landing.

Bob McAninch Launched “Ursa Major” again on a K438 Wayside White motor. Pat Gordzelik’s white propellant is sure proving to be popular here in Ohio!

Andrew Kleinhenz launched “Scooter” on an I284W and his MAC Performance “Scorpion” on an AT J540R. Both rockets were recovered successfully using the Jolly Logic Cute Release.

Just because it was a slow day did not mean that we did not have some excitement at the pads and in the skies…….

Bill Good brought his two-stage MAC performance “Bolt” out for a maiden voyage. Do not look for a two-stage kit in the MAC catalog, as Bill heavily altered the kit with assistance from Mike Crupe at MAC to turn this fantasy scale military missile into a legit two-stage screamer. Bill put the “Bolt” up with an AT J250 in the booster and a Gary Dickinson Research J250 Mad River White in the sustainer. With a borrowed Missileworks T3 GPS in the nosecone, the “Bolt” hit
11,369 feet AGL and was recovered over two miles away. Sadly, the sustainer popped the main at apogee and kicked the Loki case out.

Tyler Willig, a member of the University of Cincinnati Galacticats aerospace engineering team certified TRA Level 1 AND Level 2 with his LOC Precision kit named “Bones” Both flights used electronics for recovery. It is really nice to see the early level certifications use electronics for recovery. Tyler will be graduating this spring. Good luck young man and come back to fly with us soon!

Jay Berry launched his quarter-scale “Patriot” on an AT H242 for a nice flight and recovery.

Prefect Gary Dickinson brought out “Cyclops” to launch for the first time in Ohio. This rocket typically flies only at URRF in Potter New York. The motor choice for this flight was a 98mm Research N3850 Wayside White, boosting the rocket to 10,764 feet AGL. Recovery was less than nominal, as the aft eye-nut detached itself allowing the rocket to come down in three disconnected pieces. “Cyclops” suffered some fairly major damage to the fin can area, but is currently being repaired, hopefully to reappear at URRF this June. Thanks to the “Blazing Ballistic Berry Brothers” for recovery assistance.

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